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The UK Government has just introduced the new legislation to allow London homeowner to short let their properties witouth incurring in fines.

According to clause 44 of the Deregulation Act, which has been enacted yesterday 30 March, home owners will now be able to host guests in their homes for up to 90 days in the year without having to obtain the planning permission from the local authority, as required by the current legislation (Section 25 of the Greater London Council Act 1973).

The reform of the current legislation will not only further benefit the London’s tourism industry but also allow families to earn extra income to spend on their holidays or within the London economy. Furthermore it will respond to the ever-growing tendency of visitors and tourists to stay in local people’s homes rather than hotels and guesthouses.

A further reason for the Government proposal is to avoid any ‘controversy over the inconsistent application of the current legislation across the London Boroughs’. According to The Greater London Council Act 1973, all London residents who fail to secure a planning permission for holiday rentals can incur in a fine of up to £20000. However, as become evident during the Olympics 2012, this clause has been inconsistently applied by local authorities, giving rise to confusion and uncertainty.

The Government proposal only applies to private home owners and does not ‘provide for new opportunities for short-term use on a permanent or commercial basis’. Additional safeguards will be put in place in order to protect the residential amenity including:       

You can read the full Government’s policy document and current approach here.

Since the London Olympic Games in 2012, M2 Property has worked with homeowners to help understand how to maximise their significant property assets and to create opportunities of additional income by introducing occasional guests. Having the expertise of a traditional Estate Agent and with more than 40 properties throughout Central London, M2 are able to utilise their extensive letting experience and apply it to this new market area and have called this new part of the business Holiday Rentals.

If you own a property in Central London and would like to talk with one of our Directors, to learn more about hosting guests and our experience in making your property more attractive to this new market, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on 02070438431

By Mark Nelson

Category: Holiday Rentals

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